Garmin Support for OSX

I have been moaning about the missing support for OSX from [stag]Garmin[/stag]. I as everyone else have been forced to use either a PC running Windows, or run Windows in a virtual machine to do anything with our GPS. [stag]MapSource[/stag] is a great piece of software, but it is fortunately Windows only.

During MacWorld 2008 Garmin announced project Bobcat which more or less does what MapSource does, but on OSX.

I can only say; “thank you very much Garmin, sad that it had to take 2 years for you to get this far”.

I just found out that Garmin also have a OSX specfic page here


Garmin Support for OSX

YES!, ehhhem no, not really, but at least it’s now possible to install maps onto ones Garmin GPS gadget from [stag]Apple OSX[/stag].

Garmin have released [stag]MapInstall[/stag] for the Mac, and it’s available here.

It also includes Map Manager.

So when are we to see [stag]MapSource[/stag] on the Mac??? it’s almost a year and a half ago they told us that it would be at the end of 2006, and now we are getting close to the end of 2007 and still nothing.

Well this is better than nothing.

Garmin Support for OSX

As I wrote here [stag]Garmin[/stag] promised that they would release OSX versions of their software that is [stag]MapSource[/stag] and POI Loader, well finally a year after they initially said something about it they have released a beta of POI Loader for Mac.

Lucky me, who does not have a GPS which support POI Loader….. So I will still be waiting for MapSource on OSX…..

As for howto to do stuff with your GPS on OSX look here; Peter Hilton (yes the guy from Hilton Harbour) have some neat tricks here.

Garmin Support for OSX

Earlier this year I wrote that Garmin would support OSX by the end of this year (according to a press release on their website). Well now according to a new press release, it will not be this year, but sometime in the first half of 2007.

How can I express my disapointment, this is one of the must have applications if one is having both a Garmin GPS, and a Mac.

Also I have to admit, that I never really did considder a TomTom, and even with this, I’m not going to. But it still sucks.

Flitspaal (Speedcamera) and Garmin Streetpilot

So got yourself a Garmin street pilot, and live in The Netherlands?, and you don’t like to get speeding tickets, because as you know there are a few speedcameras around. There are a few options for you;

– you can download a file from and load as many waypoints as possible (max. 500)
– or you can figure out how to create a transparet map which you can load on your gps.

Well I just spend a couple of days figuring out how to create a transparent map, which you can load with MapSource.

The files are here, you will need to load the flitspaal.reg to get MapSource to load the file.

I will try to make this an automatic update which happens every sunday, but until that… For starters I will try to do this at least every month.

Also maybe a way to install this automatically, but I don’t think that will be very high on my todo list.

To install copy the files to C:Flitspaal (or modify the .reg file), and then run the flitspaal.reg. Then you should have a new map: Flitspaal NL. This map you can upload to your GPS. Currently this is to be considdered BETA and I cannot be hold responsibel for what ever happens to your GPS.

I will look into changing the dots, also it looks like the cameras are a bit off from where they are supposed to be, but I don’t have time to check it right now (bike in the shop).

A small thank you would be nice: My Amazon wishlist

Garmin StreetPilot 2610 and a NON Windows PC

Got my self one of these from a shop which probably provides some of the best service in any shop I’ve been to in The Netherlands. <a href=";entry_id=32&quot; title="; onmouseover="window.status=’;;return true;" onmouseout="window.status=”;return true;"></a>. Ok, there are other place which are really good, but this is among the top 10.

But as usual I have a problem, I use either Linux or OSX (Apple OS X), more correct Tiger 10.4.2, and neiter of these are directly supported by Garmin (MapSource). Linux is an ok option, but my notebook is an Apple iBook which I do not want to install Linux (Yellow Dog is an option), so after alot of research I found that the only option I more or less had was:

– Virtual PC

– Windows 98 or WindowsXP

I started out with VPC 7.0.1, and WindowsXP Prof., and everything worked fine except that MapSource could not find the GPS device (I want the logs). So after some more research I found someone who mentioned that that it worked with VPC 6.0.1.

So after another 2.5 hours, and a bit of unpleasent comments about Windows centric vendors, I had MapSource installed.

And yes it works.

It will not work with VPC 7.0.1, you will need 6.0.1.