Missing your Facebook contacts in Adium?

There is a problem with the protocol Adium used to implement the Facebook Chat, which means that some people have problems seeing their contact (they are not there…).

As of Adium 1.4.2 this will be fixed as Adium is moving to the new protocol – or they say they are.

As per this wiki page do:

  • in preferences, remove the facebook “account”.
  • add a “Jabber” account (as opposed to a Facebook account).
  • type in your Facebook username, followed by @chat.facebook.com, for examples “JoeBob@chat.facebook.com”. You’ll need to activate your username in the account preferences (Account ? Account Settings ? Username) of your Facebook account, using the website. (I did not have to do this)
  • set the connection server to “chat.facebook.com”, on the options pane.

And you should see all your Facebook contacts in Adium again.


Internet or not Internet

So I decided to drop my very expensive internet subscription (depends on how one looks at things), and change to a cheaper one…. Everything went according to plan, and I got a new line (use to have a cable modem).

2 weeks into the whole thing my modem died, and I was told that I would get a new one, so far so good, getting home today from shopping and there is a letter, saying that I’ve canceled my internet subscription… WHAT!!!!

8 minutes later on a 900 number (why do I have to pay for them to help me…), and I’m being told that they sometimes send the wrong letter when they replace the modem, and funny enough it causes a few raised eyebrows.

So I went from UPC, to Alice.nl, and if I’d known about the quality of services, the speed which I pay for (20/1Mb/s) and what I get… I would have stayed with UPC….

Silly me

Google Reader

I’m using [stag]Google Reader[/stag] for my rss feeds (that way I can read them everywhere), and now they (well been able to for a while), allow you to share things on a public page.

When you see items you would like other people to see (actually people can also subscribe to it) you can share the item (at the bottom of the reader item window), and it becomes available on your public page.

Also you can put a link to it on you page:

Google Reader

Kind of cool….

My shared page is here.

ISP and service

A month ago, or so, I wrote about customer service or the lack of.

I also wrote that I switched my [stag]ISP[/stag] to a cable based provider; [stag]UPC[/stag], as they where friendly and very help full.

Well during my move something went wrong, and my address was not moved (thanks to the local postal service), which have resulted in a few mishaps in the last couple of weeks. Well it has not ended yet, and as I was to find out this evening when I got home from work, it was going to get a lot worse…

This morning (was working from home), I suddenly lost my internet connection, and therefor I call the helpdesk, to ask if they knew about it, and when it would fixed (stay home, or goto the office). The person I talked to listed a wrong address (been there before???), and I was transfered to another person (starting to sound like a nightmare), this very helpfull person then resolutly changed the address, and mentioned “it will take me 3 days to move your equipment”, where as I then mentioned “well it is working”, and she forgot to mention the following: they cut the connection (which it seams that they can do remotely), and then they will have to send a technician, who then will have to do something manually to get the connection established again (I really wonder where the diffrence is).

I went to work, and checked my website (this!), and no connnection, got home from work, and call the nice people people from the helpdesk again, and was told that I could expect to have access to the internet, be able to watch TV, and be able to receive telephone calls within 72 hours of loosing the connection that is on friday (and today is tuesday!!)… I kind of complained abit about that, and told them how I fell about it. It’s like no internet, and no TV, I can live without either but not both…

Well there is one thing I know now, I’ll keep this provider for the 12 months I have to (according to the contract), and then I’ll find another one who do not have anything to do with my TV, that way I’ll have atleast either of them if things go wrong.

And I’ll look into using [stag]gmail[/stag]’s offer to handle domains, that way I’ll atleast have access to my mail from any internet connection when my connection is down, and I’ll move my website offsite (well that is easier said than done), but I can always try….


Oh, you will only read this after I got my connection back, strange world we live in….