Are Danish Embassies actually Danish ?

On Facebook, the group for Danes in The Netherlands shared a job opening for a chauffeur at the Danish Embassy in Den Haag, The Netherlands.

New Colleague
05.08.2014 10:31
We are looking for a new driver.
We are looking for a driver with driver certificate CCV-D1, who also is expected to take care of administrative and practical tasks in the embassy and in the residency of the ambassador in The Hague.

Flexibility, loyalty and reliability are important aspects in the choice of our new presentable colleague. Some experience is desirable.

It concerns a full-time job. Working hours also in the evening and during the weekends according to agreement.
Working languages: English and Dutch.
Start: as soon as possible.

I read it and stopped at “Working languages: English and Dutch.”, no mentioning of Danish. I would expect that Danish would be a required language, in addition to English and Dutch. So just to have a go at it, and send an email to Dansk Folkeparti (the most right wing party in the parliament, and one would expect them to be very much on top of something like this, but), and was told that there are not requirements for Danish as a work language on the Danish embassies. What!!!, hey, hang on a second. So as a Danish citizen calling a Danish embassy I can be forced to speak English, or a local Language to be able to communicate with people on the Embassy, until I get to the officials from Denmark, like the ambassador, or maybe the military attache, of similar officials.

Then I contacted Venstre (liberal, largest party with seats in the Parliament), and was told to contact the foreign Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as they are responsible for the Danish Embassies … that was not what I was trying to get out of this.

As a Danish Citizen, I am very disappointed that I have to speak a foreign language to communicate with people who work at the Embassies of my home Country. And if I by chance get to talk to someone who speak Danish then I should be happy.

I called the Danish Embassy in Den Haag in 2001, the person who picked up the phone spoke English, I asked politely if I could speak Danish … the answer was “No!!!”, I apologized and hanged up…


Darwin or no Darwin

I was watching God’s Warriors on [stag]CNN[/stag] yesterday evening (CNN God’s Warriors), and finally I got the explanation why evangelists mush think why Darwin is wrong, and by no means cannot be right.

It goes like this; “If Darwin is right, then Genesis cannot be right, and therefor the whole bible is wrong”, therefor Darwin is wrong, as the bible is right.

I still like the joke; “Moses on the mountain, asking God how the whole thing started. God; “8 billion years ago…”, Moses: “hey, stop, can I get the short version!”, God; “On the first day…”

Just shows that if you have doubt in your faith, then you have doubt in everything….

Grammy Awards 2007 – life amazes me

I was in the US almost 3 years agoe, just before the US did go into Iraq, and did have some quite intersting discussions. But one thing really did amaze me was the reaction people had to [stag]Dixie Chicks[/stag] and their stand on the Iraq war/invasion, where long term fans had thrown out their CD’s for that simple reason.

My comment to that was something in the lines of; “they are people, and they should be allowed to have their oppinion”, that being the conservative part of the US, and some people being slightly boneheaded…..

Now it turns out that at this years [stag]Grammy Awards[/stag] (2007) they got 5 awards, for new album, etc. it looks like they are back into the world of Country fans… 3 years after people wanted to see them burned.

They (Dixie Chicks) probably still have the same opinion as 3 years ago, but as Bush and Co. are no longer in the driving seat (he still being president, but people have finally found out that he is useless), and some people are starting to see the light (hopefully).

Childish Danes?

So, it seams that my fellow Danes can’t keep up their best behavior. Yet again it seams that a group of people do their best to my our reputation out in the ‘big’ world show us a discriminate, and intolerante country.

The latestes which probably will infuriate people in the middle east is an advert which was brought in Tehran Times this week, which first would think that it would support the Iranian Precident Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, but if one looks carefully it gives a diffrent result.

In many ways I could not care less, but it is signed with ‘Danes for World Peace’, and that would in some sense include me, and no I did not have anything to do with it, but now they have made sure that I yet again will have to defend the Danes, and tell people that yes we are a peace loving country (and I don’t live there), and normally we do not really care for what ever religion people have, or what ever skin color they have – as long as they are nice people.

But this advert, which was actually done by an art group by the name of Surrend, and the people behind it (Jan Egesborg and Pia Bertelsen), they have done something similar earlier in other countries. There would probably not have been any problems if they had used their artist name, but signing it with ‘Danes for World Peace’, makes it slighthly diffrent, as people could think that all Danes are behind this message – WE ARE NOT!

The Spiegel also have somthing to say on the subject, and they call it ‘Danish Art Stunt in Tehran’, one could call it stunt, but I’m more to calling it stupidity.

One can argue if Mr. Ahmadinejad is right in some of what he does, but calling him out the way they do it is wrong.

On the travel with Planes

I don’t know if you have had the great enjoyment of traveling with planes lately?

Well first, if you don’t know; our people elected representatives in Brussels did come up with what they call a ‘great’ idea, which means that we (that is us who normally do use planes on a regular basis to go away for one or two nights) are no longer allowed to do as we normally do (or at least I do). That is I normally fill up my toiletbag with what I need, and dump it in my selected pice of luggage (which either is a trollybag or a backpack), go to the nice lady in the airport, get a boarding pass and enjoy my days away…

Not any more, no we cannot take anything with us which contain more than 100ml of fluid, and all off the tubes, etc. have to fit in to a plastic bag which is 1000ml in size – great… Not!

I’ve been thinking about going to Brussels airport (that is the one our elected representatives use every week) to see if they actually have to do the same, but then again, they all have an apartment (or something more fancy) where they can keep these thing, and therefor do not need to carry it with them.

Now, the week before last I had to goto Zyrich (that is in Switzerland), and I was in a hurry, so I had to get some stuff in the tax free so that I could get a shower the next day, that was fine, at the shop they did put it in a sealed bag, which made it possible for me to carry it with me on the plane….. That is next day flying back it was confiscated, as it was more than 100ml (taxfree shops will have an exelent time).

Then whole thing comes down to, someone in England got a great idea, which non of us liked too much (as they played around with chemestry), but then our elected representatives in Brussels went over board. I for one do not enjoy flying anymore – I don’t know what is worst; having to show the people around me what I have in my bathroom, or just the idea of stupidity……

US and Iraq

I was in the US the week upto the Iraq war back in 2003 where I, as I of cause couldn’t keep my mouth shout, ended up in some very unplesaent discussions about the issue.

I have to admit that I never was a very big fan of Sadam Hussein, and reading about what he did to his own people was never something for the a person with a soft stomach.

But currently there are 2000 killed US service men, we don’t have an correct number of wounded, and the estimate of kille Iraqies are +30.000 (which I estimate is uncorrect, and way to low).

Now the US public wants to pull out the US army, and leave it to the Iraqies to clean up the mess the US left behind.

Eveyone I talked to before the war believed Mr. Bush Jr. when he told them that it would be a walk over, and it would be over in almost no time. See there is a lesson to be learned here; never trust any one who tells you that a war will be over in days, especially in a country or region where you are not popular in the first place.

Yes, Sadam Hussein was no good for his country, and he should be removed (well he was), but there are ways to do that which does not include starting a war.

If the US and the allies had backed the resistance in Iraq back in 1991 we might have ended up with the mess we have now.

Is the US trying to pull a Florida on Iraq

So Mrs. Rice dedided that the vote for the Iraqie constitution was a ya.

Let me see that they have finished to count the ballots, and it will probably take a few days before they have finished doing so. So why this, well one can only think – but it looks like they are trying to pull the same stunt they did in the 1999 vote in Florida, where they declare that the Republicans won before the last ballot was counted (other things also happend, but that is not the issue here).

So are they hoping that they can force the wote with this? Well one can only wonder….

Also with Mr. Bush under a starting presure back home to pull his troups back out, a constitution in Iraq would definitely help, but would it help in Iraq? Probably not, but I do not think that Mr. Bush would have any sleepness nights due to that issue….